Vases, Bud Vases + Planters

All of our vessels are sleek and waterproof even our finishes that look like wood.

Amber Jewel Amber Jewel
Celery Ice Celery Ice
Ice Ice
Kiwi Kiwi
Red Passion Red Passion
Tangerine Tangerine
Tiger Eye Tiger Eye

Espresso Polished Espresso Polished
Grey Mist Grey Mist
Jet Polished Jet Polished
Red Passion Polished Red Passion Polished
Seashell Polished Seashell Polished
Tangerine Polished Tangerine Polished

Apricot Satin Apricot Satin
Black Satin Black Satin
Chili Pepper Chili Pepper
Chocolate Satin Chocolate Satin
Grey Mist Satin Grey Mist Satin
Honey Gold Satin Honey Gold Satin
Lime Satin Lime Satin
Milky White Satin Milky White Satin
Moss Satin Moss Satin
Sand Satin Sand Satin
Sea Blue Satin Sea Blue Satin
Turquoise Satin Turquoise Satin
White Satin White Satin

Gold Satin Gold Satin
Gravel Satin Gravel Satin
Onyx Satin Onyx Satin
Seashell Seashell

Burnout Rosewood Burnout Rosewood
Espresso Espresso
Geometric Rosewood Geometric Rosewood
Honey Brown Honey Brown
Jet Jet

Alligator Espresso Alligator Espresso
Espresso Basketweave Espresso Basketweave
Red Raindrop Red Raindrop
Sand Basketweave Sand Basketweave
Seashell Basketweave Seashell Basketweave
Tangerine Raindrops Tangerine Raindrops

Coral Ombre Coral Ombre
Celery Ombre Celery Ombre
Raspberry Ombre Raspberry Ombre
Sunflower Ombre Sunflower Ombre

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